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Custom Aromatherapy Consults with Certified Aromatherapist


Allow me to make a therapeutic aromatherapy product created just for you!  Just email me at or use the contact form to begin the process. 


Consultations are $40 (Introductory price of $30 in now in effect, for a limited time only) and do not include the cost of your custom aromatherapy product.


The consultation fee would include email correspondence where we discuss your personal health needs and what you are looking for, an in-person meeting to finalize the process if you are local, and the resulting custom synergy formula suited for your individual needs.  This synergy formula will also be applied to any future product purchase if you wish to buy more later on (which means no additional consult fee).  Actual cost of the product is additional, with a typical price range between $8 – $60.  We will discuss prior to formulating, what type of budget you would like to stick to for your customized product.


*Please note if you are choosing high cost essential oils (some are dollars per DROP), then the price may be higher.  I would let you know beforehand, if you are choosing an oil that is expensive.  I always advise to stay in a reasonable range and consult you prior to adding any oils outside of the typical price range.


Consultation email would include such things as issue(s) you wanted to address, and what type of product you were looking for, such as an inhaler, salve, roll-on, body scrub, etc.  I will then get some personal information about any medications you are on, allergies and other health history important to customized formulating and product safety.  If you are local, we would have an in-person consultation to finalize the process and adjust the final synergy (if necessary) to your liking.  Depending on the product, I would either be able to give you your selection at the time of the final consult or we would arrange for a pick-up/delivery time.  Shipping costs, if applicable, are not included in the cost of your final product.

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