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Crystal Healing

The energy of the earth is a powerful tool to use. Crystals have been used for thousands of years, and has it's roots in ancient civilizations. Today, however, science has shown crystals to each have their own energetic vibration (resonance) based on their specific mineral content, molecular structure, and geographic location. Crystals have a stable and high energetic vibration due to their orderly and precise molecular arrangement. When put onto your body or in your energy field, the crystals will raise the body's own resonant frequency through entrainment. When crystals are placed in a grid near the body, or on the body in a precise geometric layout, the energy of the stones can be both amplified and can affect the flow of energy for specific purposes. Crystals can absorb, focus, diffuse, and direct energy.  The addition of sacred geometry combines with the crystals and creates a unique energy all it's own, activating additional healing properties by having them work together as a cohesive unit.  

In these sessions, energetically cleansed crystals will be placed on and/or around a clothed body.  I use universal healing energy to flow through me and into the stones, with love and intention.  More emphasis will be placed on crystal selection in these sessions. Appropriate aromatherapy would be used, if applicable.

1 hr session - $90 (~50min of therapy) Recommended until majority of symptoms have diminished.  Initial session add 15min.
45 min session - $70 (~35min of terapy) Recommended for follow-up sessions or "tune ups" for continued health
30 min session - $45 (~25min of therapy) Tailored to focus on 1-2 issues, cord removal, or chakra balancing
By distance (~30 min session) $50

Packages (to be paid in advance)
(3) 1 hr sessions - $235 (save $35)
(3) 45 min sessions - $185 (save $25)
(3) 30min sessions - $120 (save $15)

Custom crystal grids/custom medicine pouch - by consultation
Price dependent upon quantity/size and types of stones used.

Sacred geometry in nature

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