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Rising Star

Rising Star Treatments

  Represents the energy of the sun.

Scientists has proven that everything is energy. With humans and animals, energy fields operate inside our bodies (chakra system) and outside our bodies (auric system). When our energetic vibration decreases, dis-ease and imbalance can occur on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Energy therapy can transform lives.  Unresolved issues, old and blocked energy, and physical symptoms fall away and leave you feeling empowered, lighter, more joyful and energized than before.

The Rising Star is an extraordinarily powerful system sourced from an ancient Tibetan lineage. It works by directing energy through the client’s chakra system, working on the five elements; fire, water, air, earth and ether, so that your entire being can start to balance and heal. A single treatment starts to raise the vibration of the human energy field, to hold more life force energy, so it can rebalance the body. This healing system brings healing to all levels, addressing both the symptoms and the cause of the disease - thus making it an remarkably comprehensive and effective mode of treatment.

The Rising Star is a unique, living energy that evolves as humanity evolves. The Rising Star encompasses many other healing systems that exist on the planet at this time. As new healing systems come onto the planet, the Rising Star can incorporate them into itself.

“Illness is a gift, because it always comes with a message. Many illnesses are caused by trapped emotions. Release your emotions and you will release your illness.” Derek O’Neill

The energy work continues after the session to clear the chakra and auric system for 21 days, moving through the 7 energy points (chakras) three times. As such, 3 weeks between sessions is best. For optimal results, three sessions are recommended. Each session promotes deeper relaxation, allowing the mind to let go, so deeper issues can be addressed. On the karmic level, this system brings healing for up to 21 months.

Bring forth your true potential, and live the life you were meant to live.


  • Remove misqualified or negative energies from the seven chakras 

  • Clear and heal on all levels and open to your True Self

  • Activate up to 36 strands of DNA

  • Connect with your Higher Consciousness

  • Rejuvenate your body on all levels

  • Raise the vibration of your aura

  • Works with the energy of your personal lineage (in your ancestral lineage in this lifetime and on a soul level)

The Rising Star is so simple and yet so powerful. You don't need to have faith. No religion is required. It merely takes the willingness of you to want to heal and transform.

Session Information

Cost $119.00 per session
Please allow 1 hour for this experience.
To request a healing please contact us below.

Rising Star Healing Sessions can be performed from a distance if an in-person session is not possible. You will receive the same powerful effects as an in-person session. The ideal treatment plan is 3 sessions, three weeks apart.

Each session initiates at least a week-long intensive healing for you.  You may feel the different levels of yourself being worked on at different times during the week as the energy moves through each chakra. The long-term healing effects of a single session last for 21 months. After this time, you may find that you are a totally different person, with all areas (physical, emotional, etheric, soul, spirit, etc.) having been affected positively. This healing system actually has enormous significance to the planet, with the potential to bring about profound planetary shifts.

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Rising Star Healing
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