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Sound Vibrational Healing/Sound Massage


Everything that exists in our universe vibrates with a specific, unique frequency. Many spiritual traditions believe that our entire universe was created from sound. The ancients also knew what modern science is now rediscovering; the healing power of sound! We are all a part of one, great, unified field of energy and every cell of our body is alive and vibrant; resonating at a particular frequency. When we contract discordant energies in the form of negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs, we become ‘out of tune’ and begin to resonate at a lower than optimal frequency. By applying specific sound frequencies to affected regions, normal healthy function returns in most cases. When applied correctly, coupled with intention, sound equals healing on a deep cellular level, restoring our frequency to the higher vibrations of peace, harmony, love and joy.


The harmonic sounds of my therapeutic grade Tibetan singing bowls will immediately put the recipient in a deep state of relaxation.  This relaxation brings about the same brain states as yoga, meditation and tai chi.  Beta brain waves are the ones we most actively use during the day, and are associated with normal waking consciousness.  In theory, this translates to functioning effectively during the day, but can bring about stress, anxiety, restlessness, and tension.  In sound massage, your brain can easily get to the relaxed Alpha state, which is responsible for heightening your imagination, intuition, memory, visualization, concentration and memory.  This is the gateway to your subconscious.  You may also access Theta brain wave patterns, the state at which you can experience the realm of your subconscious fully, in the brief period as you drift from Alpha into a meditative state (or even light sleep).  It is said that a sense of deep spiritual connection and unity with the universe can be experienced at Theta.  You can experience profound insight and creativity, vivid visualizations, and great inspiration.  Muscles relax, blood circulation and lymph flow are stimulated.  This very deep state of relaxation allows for slower breathing, the heart rate decreases, blood pressure is lowered, arteries expand and cholesterol levels fall.  The state between Alpha and Theta allow for you to mentally program your mind, and to consciously create your reality.  Sound is an incredibly powerful tool. 


Each Tibetan singing bowl has been hand forged to resonate in specific areas of the body.  They offer the exact frequency spectrum needed in the targeted areas.  These bowls will be placed on the body and then struck gently so the vibrations can be felt in those regions.  The vibrations will travel through your meridians, to access all areas of the body.  I may also place other bowls around the body, to create a concert of singing bowl sounds.  It is recommended that you have multiple sound therapy sessions.  The strong vibrations will break up energetic blockages in the body.  The more blockages and tensions that can be cleared away, the farther the vibrations can travel.  Thus, each subsequent session you will feel the vibrations spread further and it will heal in a more complete manner, accessing the root cause of your issue.  A more harmonious state of body, mind and spirit will emerge.



 1 hr session - $90 (~45min of therapy) Recommended until majority of symptoms have diminished


45 min session - $70 (~30min of therapy) Recommended for follow-up sessions or "tune ups" for continued health

30 min session - $45 (20-25min of therapy) Tailored for one side of the body only


By distance Reiki/Sound Healing combo - $50 (~25min session)

Packages (to be paid in advance):
(3) 1 hr sessions - $235 (save $35)
(3) 45 min sessions - $185 (save $25)
(3) 30min sessions - $120 (save $15)



Pregnancy – If you are pregnant or think you could be pregnant, I would not place any bowls directly on the body.  A shortened session would be appropriate, where bowls would be placed around the body.


Please check first with a physician if you have heart arrhythmia or have a pace maker.

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